At Imperial Optical, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality optical lenses to our valued customers. 

Imperial Optical Jamaica has been serving customers for over 85 years and operates seven branches throughout the island; Kingston (three branches), Spanish Town, May Pen, Mandeville and Montego Bay.

Qualified Ophthalmologists and/or registered Optometrists are available at all our branches to care for a wide range of eye related conditions such as poor vision, glaucoma, and cataracts.

All our branches are equipped with modern, state of the art equipment that will be used by eye care professionals in order to accurately check your eyes to properly diagnose specific conditions that are unique to each patient.

At Imperial Optical, we also pride ourselves in providing the highest quality optical lenses. New technology available in lenses now offers patients a wide range of options such as Varilux S, Comfort Physio, and Transitions VII lenses . If your prescription requires thin lenses, you also have the option of high index lenses, which can significantly reduce the thickness, usually quite visible in ordinary lenses.

Each location also provides a wide range of optical frames that are hand picked by our Imperial Optical Staff. These frames are unique to our Company and come in a large variety of brand names and designs. They range from plastics, metals, half rimmed, fully rimless and a combination of both plastic and metal frames. All of which come in different sizes and shapes to suit each patient's unique, need. We offer frames for all ages; children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

Our lenses are crafted at our local lab that includes the latest technology available worldwide. Each prescription lens goes through the most thorough process to ensure the perfect result! At the end of this process, it is checked for the smallest imperfection, and if any abnormality is found, the process starts all over again. We take pride in ensuring we provide the best lenses possible. 

So after having your eyes tested you don't need to go very far to experience our technically trained and friendly staff. Our optical dispensers are knowledgeable on our products and are ready to assist in helping you to choose and fit frames that would best suit your unique lifestyle. 

Imperial Optical Jamaica - visit us today for the very best in eye care solutions.