Lenses & Frames


The advent of computers, tablets, and smart phones gave rise to digital lenses, anti-fatigue lenses, anti-reflective coatings and more recently, blue filter coating which screens out the bad blue light emitted from computers and devices, but allows the good blue light through.

SINGLE VISION LENSES : are for persons, usually under 40 years old and may be as young as an infant, with far and near sighted issues, or astigmatism.

MULTIFOCAL LENSES : are usually for persons over 40 years old at which age the eyes start losing near vision. Multifocal lenses are available in:

Bifocal Lenses – which provide for distance and near vision only.

Progressive lenses –  which have an added feature for intermediate distance, i.e. computer, smartphone and tablet use. The areas of vision are available in different widths, and the decision of which would be the best should be determined based on the individuals’ preference and lifestyle.

Anti-Fatigue lenses : which are ideal for persons who utilise electronic devices for the greater part of the day. These allow the eyes to relax while on the device(s).

COATINGS : for example anti-reflective and blue filter, are available for most lenses and offer additional protection against harmful blue light, headlights at night, and other light sources.

COLOURS : to complement our lenses and frames, we offer a variety of colours available in Transitions and tints; grey, brown, emerald, sapphire, amber, and amethyst. We also supply Xperio polarized lenses for individuals who require protection from sunlight and glare.

Transitions colours


Xperio polarized lenses

LENS MATERIALS : based on prescription and preference, are available in plastic, polycarbonate (highly recommended for children and safety glasses) and hi-index (ultra-thin).



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