Why buy your lenses from us? 

Expert Manufacturing

The manufacture of your lens by our skilled technicians, require detailed cutting and polishing at our manufacturing facility which is equipped with state of the art computerized equipment. 


Optical Quality Ensured

Each lens goes through very intricate checks to ensure that the optical quality of the lens is of the highest standard. The quality of the lens is measured and checked by our skilled technicians. 


Our Process



Step 1

The first step required to start the lens making process is tracing. A small pin is inserted into the groove of the frame which allows the tracer to outline the shape of the frame. This outline is transmitted digitally to a computer where it is used in the lens selection process and for cutting the shape of the lens to fit into the frame. 




Step 2

Once a pair of lenses are selected from out stock, it is sent to a blocking machine, along with a work ticket showing all the information needed to process the lens. The blocking machine is used for affixing a block to the lens which allows various equipment in our lab to cut the lens to exact specifications. 



Step 3

The lens generator acts very similar to a lathe. The lens is inserted into a machine with a large motor which spins the lens at high speeds. A sharp pin then slowly moves towards the lens cutting away excess lens material. This process will cut the back of the lens to match each patients prescription. Please note that this process does not cut the shape of the lens to fit into a frame. This is done further in the process. 



Step 4

The shape of the lens is cut using the latest technology. The process is almost fully computerized allowing for the most precise lenses. However, local technicians must operate the equipment with great care and understanding.